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Broadcast solutions for high-bandwidth low-latency Audio/Visual networking.

HD to 8K video and film formats (SMPTE, DCI) using uncompressed, mathmatically lossless or visually lossless using JPEG2000 for remote realtime environments. We also support Dual-16K over a single fiber link for large venues and control rooms.

End-to-End latency ranging from less then 1ms to a maximum of a single frame of video plus the speed of light times the distance bouncing through the fiber, (which is not a straight line). Note that each switch tends to add about 1ms (varies) and that we provide graceful degradation to avoid dropping frames, (eg. UDP with either RAW bayer or J2K).

Non-blocking network fabric topology compatible with existing IP and ATM infrastructure. Implementing all standard broadcast IO over coax, fiber and CATV. Compatible with microwave, satellite and laser transmission systems.

BTW: Light takes approximately 100ms to make a complete trip around the world. Geostationary satellites are really far away (approx 35,790km min), which adds at least 550ms roundtrip (bi-directional). Near-polar-orbit mesh satellite networks are coming online, which offers much lower latency, but often requires active tracking. We work with a variety of satellite vendors, such as inmarsat for mobile operations. If you need a solution, Contact us.

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