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Vaporware products are those which are currently under development but not yet ready for production, availability subject to change.

4K-Fiber(tm), providing 2 dual-link HDSDI over a single 10Gbps fiber optic using the IP protocol for compatibity with standard networks. Price $8000 (TX/RX pair), available summer 2009.

4K-J2K(tm), option for the 4K-Fiber(tm) providing mathmatically lossless, visually lossless and broadcast quality at 800Mbps with 1 frame latency or less. Can also be used to provide 4 independent channels of HDSDI. Price TBD (approximately $20k)

RED-Fiber(tm), analog RGB/YUV 4K over fiber module for use with RED cameras. Price $8000 (TX/RX pair), available late summer 2009.

podEDIT(tm) - nonlinear video editing for mobile systems.

podMIND(tm) - mixed reality social networking.

NUMAplex(tm) - supercomputing backbone solution for the desktop PC.

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