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Vaporware products are under development but not yet shipping.

NUMAplex(tm) is a supercomputing backbone architecture that interfaces through the PCIe bus for compatibility with off-the-shelf PC computers. Allows for creating a clustered non-blocking switched memory fabric across n-systems. Good for traditional high-performance computing applications as well as new markets such as gaming servers and run of the mill data centers. Simply put, it is a low-cost solution for combining generic PC's into a supercomputer.

xNUMA(tm) is a fiber switch implementing a non-blocking fabric that provides 16-1024 ports of connectivity for use with the zNUMA(tm) cards. While a nonblocking fabric can be created using only the cards, the advantage of the xNUMA(tm) is in reducing the quantity of cabling to build-out the network fabric. It also requires only one zNUMA(tm) card per system.

zNUMA(tm) is a PCIe adapter used for direct interface of the computing nodes in the NUMAplex(tm) architecture. Each system may be configured with one or more cards. The links may be established from card to card or through the xNUMA(tm) switch. A card provides 3 optical links, each with full bi-directional PCIe 8X or 16x gen 2 throughput. Price $399.

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